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There’s a simple method to cleaning out closets. We use closets to store and hide things. We need to begin to use closets as assets to everyday living and not areas where we hide things.

TKO: Trash, Keep and Organize

Trash anything that doesn’t make your life better. Those things that are “sentimental” to you should be trashed. The memories you have gotten from things will live with you forever. I also suggest throwing away anything that you habitually leave in there for no good reason. For instance, I had a bad habit of leaving my dry cleaning hangers in the closet. However, it was creating unnecessary trash and I only had one place for trash. My closet was not the place.

Keep the things that enrich your life. Things that makes your daily living easier. Things that always come in handy when you need it. For the things that are just too “sentimental” to throw away, understand why you can’t throw it away. If the reason that you want to keep it involves making your lifestyle better, remember to create a space for those items. Only keep such items in the closet if you will go to these items on a routine basis (daily, weekly, seasonally, annually).

Organize by degree of importance. The most important items or your everyday items should be closest to the closet door. Follow the daily items with weekly and annually used items. Seasonal items should be in the back. When the seasons change, so will your organization of your items. For instance, when winter arrives, I’m going to move my snow boots to the front of the closet and move my summer sandals, that are currently in the front of the closet, in the back. Any loose items should be in a box or a bag with a label if you cannot easily identify it from just opening the closet door. If you don’t have a box or bag to use, place a sticky label above the area where you choose to place your items.

The key here is to make your life easier. Follow these three simple steps TKO style and you’ll be one step closer to having another welcoming space in your home.


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