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Here are a few tips to organizing the things underneath your sink.

1) Think about going through your cabinet like you are shopping at a convenience store. Think of sections you normally go to and come up with categories similar or the same as the sections at a store.

2) Empty out the cabinet. You need the space to visualize where everything should be placed.

3) Sort out or throw out items to correspond to the categories you created.

4) Find a way to store the items for each category. You can use storage bins or bags. Consider going to the grocery store and buying some quart and gallon size freezer bags with the writing label on them. They are cheap and clear, which makes it easier to find things. You can also manipulate the shape of the bags in order to fit in your cabinets. The Container Store has simple storage bins with labels on them for easy identification and accessible storage. If you have any opaque bags, place a label on them for easy identification.

5) Sort your stored goods in a manner that is easily accessible to you.

Whatever you didn’t throw away or keep in the cabinet, donate!

The link below is to another blog that also offers good suggestions:



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