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Life can be bliss…

When I had begun to announce this new venture into professional organizing, I had at least one person respond that they wish they had their life organized. BLIS (Best Life Information System) can be a cure to the common chaos moms and single professionals face in their daily lives. Check it out at http://www.myblis.com.

I was hestitant to try BLIS at first. It seemed to good to be true. I couldn’t imagine simplicity in bringing together all the neccesary information I needed handy for my family. However, after another attempt to find an important document I needed, I caved in and gave BLIS a try.

Since I purchased the subscription, I do find myself more at ease with all the data and to-do lists and calanders I have in front of me. Plus, it allows me to plan ahead which is always a good thing to get something accomplished well. Whoever is ready to plunge into blissful life planning, try BLIS. You do have to pay the intital yearly subscription of $125, but that’s only less than $10.50 a month. After one year, the subscription is $80. BLIS appears to be worth the investment.


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