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It takes great sacrifice for freedom…it took me two hours in the day to review the materials and put my FreedomFiler together. For those who need a lot of direction and detail in their life, FreedomFiler is for you. I would recommend the Basic kit if you just need a detailed filing system for the home. The Deluxe kit cover every category in your life possible. The Deluxe kit, plus the necessary supplies will cost you approximately 60 dollars.

If you prefer more simplicity than the kit, refer to my earlier posting on filing.


Storage Slings: Keeping the home neat and fashionable


If you can’t open this link, check out http://www.dwell.com and click on “Ideas” and check out “Home Work”

Get organized with style and for a good cause!



If you can’t open the link, check out http://www.seejanework.com and look for these products!

Fun with filing

First time filing taxes?
Are all the tax papers you need buried under junk mail or books?
You need a filing system that works for you.

With a pile of papers I had not filed yet, I created a filing system that worked for me by:
1) sorting the papers out by subject
2) putting a post-it with the subject matter on each pile
3) preparing file folders with self-printed labels, and
4) putting papers in the file folders.

Almost a few hours later, I shrunk the paper work down to this neat pile:

The papers I labelled “trash” will be shredded at a later date…

On a side note, Best Buy came up with the grey in color file folder. I love how they provide you with a file folder for your maintenance receipts!

Life can be bliss…

When I had begun to announce this new venture into professional organizing, I had at least one person respond that they wish they had their life organized. BLIS (Best Life Information System) can be a cure to the common chaos moms and single professionals face in their daily lives. Check it out at http://www.myblis.com.

I was hestitant to try BLIS at first. It seemed to good to be true. I couldn’t imagine simplicity in bringing together all the neccesary information I needed handy for my family. However, after another attempt to find an important document I needed, I caved in and gave BLIS a try.

Since I purchased the subscription, I do find myself more at ease with all the data and to-do lists and calanders I have in front of me. Plus, it allows me to plan ahead which is always a good thing to get something accomplished well. Whoever is ready to plunge into blissful life planning, try BLIS. You do have to pay the intital yearly subscription of $125, but that’s only less than $10.50 a month. After one year, the subscription is $80. BLIS appears to be worth the investment.

A clean desk is a peaceful desk

Here are some tips to keep the workspace tidy in the home. I came up with these points after I had to do some reorganizing of my own.

*Arrange your piles of stuff by purpose(i.e. bills to pay, items to file, correspondence, project specific papers, person-specific papers).
*Place each pile in a file folder.
*Label each file.
*Place the files you are actively working on in front of you, or in the drawer you actively reach for.
*Place the remaining files in a storage area you will not be tempted to look but you will always know where to find it.
*Find a place on your desk to put your personal items.
*You should have one junk bin and/or folder away from the desk in a closet or whatever storage area you have in your home.
*You should have one area for supplies and if needed, one place for contact info and another place for memorabilia to keep (a picture, the clay thing your child made for you for your birthday, autograph of a famous person) to inspire you and keep you motivated to work at the desk.
*Don’t hesitate to include the random things you seem to always use at your desk. For me, I have nail creams and a nail file in my drawer.

Remember, every part of your office space should have a purpose. Your work has a purpose. Your work space should have a purpose too.




What’s Akwaaba Organizing all about?

“Akwaaba” means “welcome” in Twi, which is one of the languages spoken in Ghana, West Africa. The vision of Akwaaba Organizing is to help people create spaces in their homes that make them feel welcomed anytime. Every part of your home should be inviting and not burdensome.

For those career women who have to use their home space as a workplace, you should feel as welcomed to work at home as you feel welcomed in the rest of your home. Work can be a burden sometimes. Don’t let your workspace be a burden too.

Email akwaabaorganizing@gmail.com for a consultation or more information on keeping and leaving your spaces organized.

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